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In 2015, Still Water purchased it’s own property, Knott Creek Falls, to operate camp and host retreats. The entire 143 acres is high fenced and is only 20+/- min from Kerrville or 25+/- min from Fredericksburg in Gillespie county.  The property possesses some of the finest water the Hill Country has to offer.  Even in the drought, this strong flowing spring-fed creek continues to pour over four dams constructed within the last year.  There is over 2,750+/- feet on both sides of Knott Branch with numerous deep swimming holes. The combination of great soil and little rock make this property perfect for camp.

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The Time Is Now For Our Own Place

Physically Anchored
Our own facility will provide a cohesive place for the community of Still Water (campers, staff, donors, ministry partners and their families) to physically get away from outside stresses and pressures of life to experience the peace of the presence of God in His creation. Anchoring to a physical place will allow growth through time alone with the Lord, physical challenges, and experiencing true community.
Resource Allocation
Operating out of a single facility will decrease the amount of time, staff, and finances needed to logistically prepare for each camp. These resources could then be invested into fostering relationships and growth into new areas.
Build Equity
Still Water spends $130,000 renting per summer. Renting has allowed Still Water to immediately begin impacting thousands of students’ lives over the last 10 years. However, we are moving into a new season where God has opened doors to own and be able to invest those funds back into the ministry.
New Revenue
In order to continue our mission and financially absorb the costs of providing scholarships to the majority of our campers, Still Water hosts approximately 15 fundraising events annually. Facility ownership opens a myriad of opportunities to raise funds by utilizing the property, such as renting in the off-season. This would allow more resources to be invested into relationships with campers, ministry partners, and staff.
Ministry Partnerships
Relationships with our Ministry Partners would be fostered not only by being able to invest more time with them because of less time spent fundraising, but also by our ability to offer them the use of our facility at a fair cost and partnership through seasonal programming. Through this, we are increasing our revenue and strengthening ties with our Ministry Partners as their groups are impacted through the property, therefore living out the mission of Still Water to be Kingdom oriented.
Suit Our Unique Needs
With over a decade of camps under our belt, Still Water has gone through the initial period of configuring our identity. We can now design a facility to fit our specific needs from the size of cabins, locations of elements, and storage based on experience and the way the framework of our program has developed and been refined.
Staff Training
Staff training is a vital time where staff learns procedures and are equipped in how to respond to situations that may arise. The average camp in Texas has 12 days of training for their staff. Currently, Still Water does the majority of training virtually with one day together. Having our own facility would eliminate rental fees and allow staff time to build community with one another, become familiar with the facilities, and receive more in-depth training.

Anchored Proposal

We are absolutely blown away and humbled by all of our team that helped us raise over $1.45M over the past 20 months to help us cover our down payment and almost another $1M towards our anchored goal of $2.15M.

We are still $700K shy of this $2.15M goal and ask that you would prayerfully consider helping us meet this Phase 1 goal by July 1st, 2016.

View the interactive map of the property here.

  •   Initial Down Payment ($500K) 100% 100%
  • Where we’re at – Total Goal ($1.47M/$2.15M) 68.7% 68.7%

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